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Post Number One

I’ve come across some pretty awesome blogs in my time, and some that are so enjoyable I check back almost daily to see if there’s something new - especially Mrs. Dill over at adillightfuladventure. (I’ve been told there’s a feature that allows me to get notifications of new posts – but I like the anticipation and surprise too much.) I don’t want to place too high of expectations on my writings, but perhaps I have something unique to offer the World Wide Web that might strike some fancy. I’m not a professional writer (I somehow avoided most the classes that required writing papers in college), my husband corrects my grammar all the time, and as much as I try to keep a consistent journal…I always seem to have a 5 month gap somewhere. Even with all of that, though, maybe this will be the outlet that I give my attention to. No promises, but it’s worth a shot. A brief summary on where I am in life at this moment…I’ve been married for one month and eleven days. I started a new job shortly before that. After the wedding, I moved in with my husband into our cozy (albeit, a bit tiny) one bedroom apartment in the Boston area. So in summary – new husband, new job, new home. So obviously that means new blog.

What can you expect to find here on this blog? Well, I like to exercise my creativity, whether it be in the kitchen, my balcony garden (sometimes struggle central), or arts & crafts. My husband and I are also pretty intent on being as frugal as possible, so maybe you’ll hear some tips & tricks on how to save money in an overpriced city. And you’ll probably just be exposed to the randoms of my/our daily life, for better or for worse.


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