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Weddingness: Part II

See part one here. Friday, May 30th. The day on which I became a wife! I have to tell you, it was The morning was beautiful - the family hung out by the pool, played some games (as is their way). The rest of the bridesmaids came over around 8:30am, and joined the gang. 

Katie and Kevin Wedding (62)

Everything felt very natural and peaceful, something I had prayed for. My dad and I took a few minutes to practice our father daughter dance (obviously it was Celine...), and then the hair/makeup ladies came over and got things started! Emily's husband, Ted, showed up with Starbucks drinks for everyone, a generous touch to the day. And when our photographer, Meg Brock, arrived in the afternoon, we were all ready to get things started. I'll admit, it was a bit surreal and kinda odd to change into a wedding dress in front of everyone, but Meg was great. All of the bridesmaids were beautiful, and Denise did a fabulous job with the bouquets. At 3pm, the shuttle came by and we were off to the Church! 

Katie and Kevin Wedding (50)

Waiting in the gorgeous bridal suite at St. Bede's was probably the hardest part, since it involved just simply sitting there. But the bridesmaids prayed over me, which was beautiful, and then Meg called me out so that Kevin could give me a little gift. We didn't see each other, but were standing around a corner from one another. Before he gave me the gift, we held hands and prayed together. Soon after, it was time to begin! Kevin pro-cessed in with the priests (followed by groomsmen & bridesmaids) to a beautiful song, written for the Bishop of the Duluth diocese. It is played at their ordinations, and it also played at Kevin's father's funeral 4 1/2 years ago. We were very grateful to the Bishop for granting us permission to use it for our wedding.

Katie and Kevin Wedding (177)

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Walking down the aisle with my dad was an experience - mainly because my dress was FAR too long (alteration lady didn't want to hem it cause of the detail at the bottom), so I essentially hopped down the aisle trying to avoid tripping on the fabric. There's absolutely no way for me to put into words how incredible the Mass was. Being up on the altar with with my beloved, Kevin, those holy priests, our amazing wedding party. Everything was powerful. I could not stop laughing...I'm a huge weeper in life, yet when really big things are happening to me (and people are awaiting my reaction), I can't seem to cry. At all. And that's fine, Kevin cried for the both of us (and that man never cries). It was beautiful.

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I'm a huge fan of the readings we chose. Jeremiah (JER 31:31-32a, 33-34a), Revelation (REV 21:1-6), and John (JN 2:1-11). All of them carry the theme of new things. In Jeremiah, he is speaking of the new heaven and that "I will be their God, and they shall be my people." In Revelation, it's very similar, and it has one of my favorite lines of "Behold, I make all things new." And then the Wedding Feast at Cana...gosh, what a phenomenal passage. The new wine. We thought these readings worked very well for us. We look forward to heaven so much, and strive to do all we can to get there. Our marriage is a big part of that. It brings with it many new things; WE are new through it. Father Seth gave a great homily (I wish I could remember some specifics of what he said...alas, I could only retain so much from the day).

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Katie and Kevin Wedding (396)

And there were a few particularly beautiful parts. During the preparation of the gifts, the song "10,000 Reasons (bless the Lord)" played, and it was so moving. It felt very heavenly. And I saw both of the parish priests peeking in from the sacristy (made me giggle). After communion, we were able to pray to Mary, and at the same time, Kevin's brother took some flowers to the Saint Joseph statue in remembrance of their father. After Mass, it was quick photo time.

Katie and Kevin Wedding (421)

Katie and Kevin Wedding (428)

We took the [now party] shuttle with some champ to Tyler Park (in between church and reception venue), and this is where I was most impressed with Meg. We had very limited time (Friday weddings tend to be more of a cramped schedule), but she did it all. We got awesome photos of the wedding party, me and Kevin, just groomsmen & Kevin, just bridesmaids & Katie. And we hit up several places in the park. I have to know those beautiful pinterest photos where the couples in the middle of a cornfield and you're like "I WANT THAT PERFECT MOMENT"? What they do not tell you is the struggle that comes with it. The ride to the venue consisted of everyone searching through my dress removing the FLIES that somehow got stuck in EVERY layer (and there were a LOT of layers). We also found...a wood tick. UGH. Pictures are beautiful, but it came with a price. I had to strip down at the winery and my dear Emily searched me for ticks. That's what bridesmaids are for, right? As they say, all's well that ends well. 

Katie and Kevin Wedding (463)

Katie and Kevin Wedding (551)


Also, who can forget the time my dad gave a toast in Latin? He wanted to impress the priests and all the the BU/Minnesota Catholics in the room, so he had asked one of Kevin's groomsmen the night before to translate something into Latin for him. It was super funny and awesome. And then he sat down...without telling the crowd what he actually said. Bob's the best. 

One thing that was important to me was playing wedding songs of all the people that I had been in the wedding for. So we played songs for Kristen & Jamie, Keith and Jenan, Emily & Ted, Sarah & Javi, and Ashlie & Josh. It was beautiful seeing them dance to their songs again! And then...the moment I've been waiting for my entire life happened. The DJ played Celine Dion "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" - the greatest song of all time that I've forced all of my friends to get used to and love over the years. Whenever it's just the ladies, we almost always have a Celine jam session and do some weird interpretive dance. And that's what happened. All the ladies who know and love me put their best Celine forward. And it happened. It was true fulfillment of years worth of dreaming. (Also, the DJ told me he'd never seen anything like that before and asked if he could play it again later on haha.) 

We had such a blast. I can't possibly describe the joy that was pulsating throughout the room. All those beautiful people. Me and Kevin - MARRIED. There were so many amazing moments, and when "Shipping up to Boston" came on later in the night, I literally thought the floor was going to shatter. No joke. And our final song was Coldplay's "Charlie Brown". If you've never heard it - listen to it. Maybe you'll understand why Kevin and I listen to it at least 4x a week to remind us of the awesomeness of our wedding. 

That's more than enough for a blog post, not nearly enough to capture it all. But the wedding was all we hoped for and more! God is good! Amen!



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