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7 Quick Takes!

Welcome to my first 7QT Friday :) 1. I started off the week not feeling so great, and my typical symptoms surfaced. I've finally accepted that the reason for my ongoing poor health must be due to something dietary (doctors haven't been much of a help to me) - possibly a food allergy or intolerance. So for 3 days I have not drank coffee or eaten dairy. This is super hard for me because a) I drink coffee everyday and b) I have six types of cheese in my fridge at any given moment. This is a mini trial for what I'm going to be attempting, but for now, baby steps. 

2. That leads me to my hopeful dream of completing a Whole30. That means no dairy, grains, sugar, or legumes. It sounds crazy to me, and I don't know if I'll be able to do it. But I'm contemplating it. I'm either going to do it for October OR I will just cut out dairy for October and then do a Whole30 in January. (Probably is fall, after all.) 

3. I watched Emma Watson's UN speech this week (against my better judgment) - primarily because frustrating posts were blowing up my facebook newsfeed. I knew I'd come away disappointed. I have always adored her, but she spoke as today's world would want her to speak. And much (not all) of it was flawed. More to come on that later maybe. 

4. My free wild sourdough starter came in the mail this week from Cultures of Health, and I'm quite excited. It's currently sitting in my freezer and will stay there until I have enough courage to start the feeding process. And if it works, I will be one giddy lady attempting to make my own sourdough bread for the first time. (Clearly not in sync with no grains...butttttt come on.) 

5. Kevin and I bought our flights to Duluth for Christmas! It will be the second time I've been there (the first trip was such a whirlwind), and while he's going a bit early (I have to work), I'll still get a full week plus travel time! We're quite excited. It'll be nice to spend the time with his family and friends, catch up with the priests who celebrated our wedding mass, and see people who were unable to make it out for the wedding. 

6. We're starting to write our wedding thank you cards it bad that we've waited nearly four months? I feel terrible about it, but we're doing the best we can! (To be fair, we waited until our wedding photos' were available to get a custom printed thank you, and that took a while.) 

7. Cardinal Sean celebrated Mass at my work on Monday, which was preeettty exciting. I love that man, and considering the hospital I work at is technically no longer Catholic (it's a bit confusing), the fact that he came and celebrated in the chapel was really awesome. And it made my day. A little nun actually came up to me afterwards asking if I used to go to daily mass at St. Columbkilles (my old parish), then askied about that nice gentleman I was always with. It was cute. We connected. She gave me a hug. 

Enjoy the weekend!

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