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Great & Holy Men of God!

My good friend Mike is a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Boston. He's the one who got me involved at BU's Catholic Center back in our sophomore year of college. He's in his fourth(!!!!) year aka Theology II (I think that's right?), and has been in Rome since August 2013.  Super exciting, but we also miss him so much here! He'll come home for the first time next June. He was always the poster child for our diocese because, well... Mike, full page, in Boston Magazine

Yes, that is him full page in Boston Magazine for an article on the Archdiocese of Boston, actually a really good piece with a positive outlook on the Church here post-scandal. Anyway, Mike is 6'7'' (super tall), ran track at BU, was president at the CC, would always serve at mass with the Cardinal, the standard cross bearer (see above). Ya know...future pope and all. And speaking of the Pope...

The Servant of the Servant of the Servant...

This happened last weekend. Mike served at mass with the Pope. No surprises there. He called me the day before to let me know it was happening (knowing that if I saw a photo like this after the fact, I'd yell at him for not preparing me). Such a great man, really living it up over in Europe! Having a close friendship with a seminarian is a beautiful thing. I've just entered my Vocation and he's preparing for his. Different callings, but the Church needs both of them. And witnessing his journey continuously calls me on to be better. Kevin and I are building our domestic Church here at home, and that looks different than life as a Priest...but we are still called to be Saints, just as the religious are.

Please pray for Mike and for all seminarians! The Church needs great, holy men answering this incredible call to Priesthood!

Oh, beautiful Quebec

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