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Our Little Nazareth

I often complain about me and Kevin's tiny apartment (I apologize to those who have had to listen to me!). It is tiny, truly (at least compared to my last several apartments). We once had a guest stay on our futon as he needed a place to crash  for one night while en route from Minnesota to Maine. We did it, but it was not the most comfortable of evenings. Our bathroom is in the bedroom, and it was like midnight and our guest had to walk uncomfortably around me and Kevin's bed to use it. Talk about Anyway, yes it is small and I've spent many months playing tetris in our closets and bookshelves. I've lamented over not being able to decorate as much as I would love to for the seasons. I've gotten frustrated over the two feet of movement room in the "kitchen". BUTTTTTTTTT....yes, there's a but. It has become our home. And I am coming to really love it.

It's our little Nazareth. And it really is a place of peace. Even though we live on a main road which can be a bit traffic-y and noisy at times, I really feel distant from my work/commute/busyness when I'm home. Our Lord was born into poverty; Mary and Joseph weren't living in a palace. And I'm grateful that we can learn from them. We look to them as our model for family and they help us along our way. We are building our domestic Church, and it's so exciting!

For Kevin's birthday, I got him The Little Oratory, a really great read on making our homes into little oratories, integrating liturgical living into family life. I've read through most of it and it have loved it. I look forward to utilizing it in the possible house we will one day own and live in, but for now, even with the small space we have, there is so much we can do to make it a home filled with Christ. And it makes all the difference. Our home is still a work in progress - we have most of our wall things waiting to be hung up once we know if we're allowed to nail the wall. ;)

Finally, my home is with my beloved. We love to dream of our future home - it's a big hobby of ours - but we both know that home is truly wherever we are with one another.

On another note, we're giving a talk at Northeastern's Catholic Center this Wednesday on dating & relationships, and we could use your prayers! Kevin's great at this thing...I'm not. Thanks!

A talk, a baby, a wedding, and New England weather.

Oh, beautiful Quebec