Catholic. Wife & mother. Striving for holiness.


My interests and goals seem to fluctuate a lot, and it's been pointed out often by those closest to me. I often have a new "plan" for my life (and by extension, Kevin's life) - sometimes I'm moderately serious about it, sometimes it's just fleeting. I'm a planner and a dreamer. (Working on being a doer.) I'm slowly learning how to be more patient with life and how it moves, and to recognize that I'm still so young. Sometimes that's a challenge, but it's a journey. The more and more I learn about myself, the more and more I discover within me an entrepreneurial spirit. I am in no way an entrepreneur at this point in my career - but I think, on some level, I've always longed to do my own thing. As a young teenager, among many things, I wanted to open up my own bed & breakfast (hence the hospitality degree!), and since then the ideas (good and bad) continue to flow in my brain that thinks far too much.

The biggest hold up at this stage in life is predominantly finances. I think that's most people's main concern when it comes to making a big lifestyle/career change. And Kevin is still in school, so there's not much flexibility with our lives at the moment. Which is okay! It's just the present state of life, and that's perfectly okay. Kevin has unbelievable talent, skill, and wisdom that will help bring beauty back to this world some day, with whatever he does, big or small. So for me, he is the priority (though, he will humbly disagree). All this doesn't mean I can't dream, though! So I will.

What is it that invigorates my soul at the moment? Travel. Nutrition. Fertility. Writing. Allergy free baking. Cooking from scratch. Growing our own herbs & vegetables. Canada. Finances and budgeting. Catholic wedding planning. Small coffee shops. Essential oils. Ridding my life of plastic and harmful chemicals. Itinerary planning. Building my dream pilgrimages and vacations. New Hampshire. Farmers markets. Dogs, goats, and chickens. Tea towels. Photography. Beauty. Liturgical living. Pennsylvania & Minnesota. Small town living. Good devotionals. The UK & Ireland.

And a whole slew of other things. But I guess that gives a good overview. Maybe one day when things are slower and the time is right, I'll take a few of these things and make something more of them.


Whole 30: Day 9

"No one heals himself by wounding another."