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It seems ridiculous to me that I'm turning 26. I often forget and think I'm 24. I feel much younger (and people usually mistake me for muuuuucchh younger). 26 sounds like I'm on a downward slope to 30...yikes! Not that 30 is old, it just seems like things are flying by! And while I'm still so young with so much ahead of me, there's so much that I would have loved to accomplish and have in my life by now! But at the same time...I'm still so young, and I've done a whole lot. So I'll get over whatever anxieties I have about aging one more year. The most remarkable thing about 25 was...getting married! To Kevin! The love of my life! He has made this year a delight and I can say with certainty that this has been my best year yet. I also am confident that 26 will be even better. Every year seems to have something distinct about it - it brings new challenges, new surprise, new crosses, new joys. There is always so much I cannot predict. I have many hopes for this year. Many many hopes. I'm doing my best to trust God and His divine providence. I want to entrust this year to Mary and Joseph. What will come will come! But for now, I have much to be grateful for. An incredible husband, loving family, amazing friends, a stable job, a homey apartment, a balcony that plays host to my little garden, and a God that loves me unconditionally. I'd say that's pretty good!

Kevin and I will celebrate the evening with some Sushi (or as we refer to it as sruuuushi) and a movie (a picnic was in the cards, but alas spring has gone away again!). Then I get to have some of my favorite people join us for brunch on Saturday. How could 26 not be great with such wonderful people to start it off with?!

Peace out, 25. Onto the next one.


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