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Friendship, love, and hats

Elise & Sarah in the BPL Courtyard. I'm still very much catching up on a million things throughout this move & [sort of] settling process. However, there are still things I wish to share from my last few months in Boston - if only for my own enjoyment to look back on! While I wish it were a more common occurrence, there is nothing quite like getting dressed all fancy with your girlfriends and going out for a fancy afternoon (or evening, I suppose) on the town. When our dear friends Ashlie & Elise came to visit Boston just a few short weeks before I left, it was the perfect occasion to go out into the city and do something different.

Initially, Ashlie (the birthday girl) had requested afternoon tea at the Boston Public Library, but sadly we went on a day of the week in which it was not offered. However! We still got to eat a late lunch at the Courtyard Restaurant. It was a lovely time and we felt appropriately dressed for the occasion since the menus came in vintage books and the seating was deep purple velvet arm chairs. The food was good and the mocktails tasty! If you ever have a chance to visit the BPL, I highly recommend it. It's quite the library with rooms that resemble Hogwarts and a cozy courtyard for reading and gathering.

Now for the fun photos! We are young women growing up in a digital age, so naturally we documented the occasion very well.

Ashlie & Elise in the restaurant.

Me & Ashlie in the BPL

Sarah & Elise

In the Courtyard!

My main ladies :)

Have a lovely weekend! :)

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