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The things people don't tell you about when you move to a new place.

A few days ago, I walked out into our sun room and noticed what looked like a ladybug. I had Kevin take it outdoors because I just don't do insects. Call me a wimp x10, I don't care. If I see a fly in the house, I cannot sleep until it is dead and removed. I've witnessed some pretty bad infestations in my day (mainly via my husband who had pretty poor luck in past apartments) so I like to take preventative measures. Sunday was the first day we've really had this house to ourselves since moving here and were so excited to start decorating and making it like a home to the extent we could. It was a fairly warm day here, especially for October; the sun was shining and the temp was in the 70's. Upon leaving Mass around 11:45am, I noticed a LOT of ladybugs...and by ladybugs, I mean "asian beetles" as I found out. They were surrounding the entrance and the cars and I instantly knew that this was not normal. We pulled into our driveway and The entire outside of the house was covered with SWARMS of these awful creatures!

We found a way inside and to our absolute dismay (because believe you me, we have had enough hoops to jump through since being here) they were all over the house. They were finding their way in through every. single. window. Instead of having the relaxing Sunday we had hoped for, we spent HOURS upon HOURS killing these evil things. And gosh, it was as if killing one made five more appear. It was awful. Hundreds and hundreds of asian beetles. In our house.

By about 5:30pm, we decided we needed to leave the house for our own sanity. We felt we had put a big enough dent in the infestation, but that the only way it would truly get better is if we thoroughly insulated the windows ourselves. So off to Home Depot we went. I don't seem to have a history of good luck with the staff at Home Depot (at least back in Boston), and was the same. We stood at self-checkout for 20+ minutes for a reason unbeknownst to us. But we got what we needed. Several hours later (after a date at Applebee's because I had a gift card and needed a drink) we had insulated most of the windows, killed any remaining ones we could see, and went to bed.

Now you may be thinking "woah, what a crazy and random thing to happen!" I know I was. But no. We did a little research and it turns out that, in Minnesota, on the second warm day after a cold stint (typically in late September to early October), the Asian beetles appear all at once and try to find shelter for the winter - aka nice wooded homes. And they prefer if they are surrounded by trees. Lucky us - we just so happen to be surrounded by acres of trees.

As it was, these bugs were annoying everyone on Sunday, not just us, though I'm not quite sure everyone else had to take the same measures we did. And if nothing else, we learned that we will need to insulate this house better for winter.

While every region has their pros and cons for sure, it's been a heck of an adjustment leaving the East Coast for this midwestern/great lake/north land landscape. For instance, people actually do carry bear maze on them when hiking (I thought it was a joke). And that every seven years there is an army worm invasion in the city for two weeks. And if you don't get your firewood by September, you could be SOL.

Other than that, it's a beautiful place. Really. :)

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