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Giving thanks.

I woke up this morning, looked outside, and it was snowing. Not in a ohnofindashovelweregonnabelate type snow. But the perfect snowfall that gives joy to my heart in seeing that light sprinkling over our yard + woods surrounding our home. We had breakfast, went to Mass, had our friend take some pictures of us (for our Christmas cards!) in the woods by the Church while the snowfall was still in the pretty stage, and then brought some cookies over to a Priest in a nursing home downtown.

Kevin worked with this Priest a few years back when he was a youth minister up on the iron range (yes, that's a place). They have a lovely friendship and I've had the privilege to spend some quality time with him since being first introduced a couple years ago. On this day of giving thanks, he truly has a gift of opening me and Kevin's eyes to all that we have to be thankful for.

Fr. Doyle likes to say things like this:

"Think of how good God has been to you both."

"You have jobs that provide for you and are satisfying."

"You have a house, a place to go home to and enter into your own."

"Kevin, look at what going to Boston has given you. A wife!"

"Katie, what a gift that you've learned you're able to conceive. So many couples cannot even achieve that."

"Look at how much more at ease you are today than you were two months ago."

And he's right. The Lord has blessed us in abundant ways. Ways we don't even realize. Too often I take the most obvious things for granted. Of course, after we left the nursing home there was a small inconvenience that threw me off and I let it get the best of me. The next couple hours were me bottling up some frustration. But my goodness, Katie, get over yourself!

I think the root of my funk was from being bit homesick today - wanting to see the comforting roads by my neighborhood in PA, wanting to rest in my parents' house, wanting to carry on traditions with my siblings. How easily those little pangs can overrun all the good things right in front of me!

But God is still good. I am sitting in my warm home next to my husband as we sip on a hot beverage before going over to his uncle's house for dinner. There is no reason to not be content. Yet the same cannot be said for most people in the world today. People struck with death, war, sickness, loneliness.

So today, let us offer up our minor sufferings, our small inconveniences, for those who truly need it. And I will try to cultivate a great spirit of gratitude in my own life.


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