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André turns one!

André turns one!

It is unbelievable to be writing this. Last November, we were eagerly awaiting the arrival of this little boy in my womb. It is so surreal thinking back to when he was so intimately a part of me. I felt the first kicks very early on (like, 16 weeks!) and it never slowed down - I tried to convince myself it didn’t portend things to come. (He began walking at 8.5 months.) He had the cutest little nose on his ultrasound - and ever since he was born he is simply the cutest thing to ever walk the earth (in our unbiased opinion). He surprised us with a very quick entrance into the world (thankful for this), and he has not stopped since.


André Martin is an utter joy. I assume (and hope) that all parents feel this way as they approach their child’s first birthday. Days and nights can be tiring unlike they ever have been before, but somehow I don’t really notice it. Sure, I have my moments at 3am (“why won’t you go to sleep?!”), but for the most part life just goes on. Like he has always been a part of our family, here in our world.

Things that I absolutely love about this boy ? I mean, everything. But to get specific, he is truly just so happy. Every morning, Kevin and I are awoken by a little bundle in between us in bed. He pops up and sits there smiling back and forth at each of us. Then he gives us mild panic attacks as he lunges for the bedsides. The most efficient alarm clock (no snoozing here!). He is a little explorer, that one. Given how mobile he’s been from so early on, it’s just been one thing after another. He wants to see, touch, and know everything. While he is perfectly content around other people, he has a great love for me and Kevin (and it’s awesome). He is shy in big groups, but alone he just chatters away (very similar to Kevin, in this regard!).

Motherhood has not felt like such a big change for me. Sure, I haven’t gotten to partake in my annual Lord of the Rings viewing and trips to Whole Foods are not as leisurely, but it really just feels like a continuation, or a fulfillment, of life before. The days are crazy full and I don’t quite know how to tackle everything like I once could, but we are figuring it out. It has been physically demanding, especially with the on-demand breastfeeding (we got a reverse cycler, over here), pumping at work, and co-sleeping, but I do it all because I believe it’s what’s best for André.

God-willing, we will have so many more. André is such a gift and an answer to so many prayers, and he is certainly enough if that’s God’s plan for us. But man, having André in our lives has increased the desire in our hearts to just do this over and over again.

For the sake of His sorrowful passion...

For the sake of His sorrowful passion...