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Four years.

Four years.


Today, Kevin and I celebrate four years of marriage! Year four has been a JOY. It hasn't been without a bit of chaos - having a baby, an unexpected surgery & recovery, balancing caring for said baby between me working full-time and Kevin starting a business, moving into a house - but I suppose it'd be out of character for us to enjoy some smooth sailing. :)

I mentioned in my year three post that we never really had a "honeymoon phase." Well, I think year four has come close. Not because everything was easy or we were blinded by romance. Rather, we just know each other better. 

We're both still flawed and we do things that annoy and frustrate the other, but I *think* (correct me if I'm wrong, Kevin) that we're able to bear these things with more patience. And we are more forgiving and understanding (Kevin is far better at this than I, but I'm trying!). Similarly, we find more and more that we are of one mind and heart in all sorts of ways. Like, something will come to me in prayer, and next thing I know Kevin is talking about that thing. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but it’s pretty amazing when this happens.  

We’ve also had a lot of answered prayers and affirmation from the Lord that we were/are doing what we aught to be doing. At least for the time being. And that’s very encouraging.

Finally, we've been so blessed with a joyful little child. It's hard to be upset when we've been given this amazing little human. I know it's not always easy on a relationship when the couple becomes parents, but we can at least say that as of this moment, André has just made life better. We certainly have moments where it can be tough to juggle it all, but those times don’t detract from the good. And can I just say what a pleasure and gift it is to see your spouse become a loving father? It just ups my gratitude for him even more. 

So happy anniversary, Kevin! Love you! Here’s to year five :)

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Six Months.

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